I can’t explain all of this weirdness. Strange things keep happening to me.

Keep in mind that I’m still reeling from my experiences with the the initial psychic, the signs, the devastating relationship with my ex, and the nagging fear that I left my true soulmate behind in the aftermath (I’ll clarify all of this in another blog post…)

A couple of weeks ago, my sister is sitting in a dive of a breakfast food restaurant. A psychic is sitting in the back advertising a $20 reading special to restaurant patrons. For fun and curiosity, my sister gets a reading. 

The psychic was able to predict some extraoridinary things with amazing and astounding accuracy.

She told my sister that she could feel that she was in a rocky and unstable relationship. She also said she could sense my sister’s fear of commitment. My sister has been in a toxic relationship for almost a year now. The biggest problem from her boyfriend’s perspective is her inability to commit.

She asked my sister if she had a emotionally abusive father. She did. In fact, I feel very sorry for anyone who had to endure as much psychological abuse as we did. The psychic told her that her childhood really affected her relationship decisons in adulthood. My sisters and I are all fine; we’re mentally strong people, but I myself have often made the comment that this middle sister has mild behavioral abmormalities that probably stem from daddy issues.

She said that my grandmother was watching over my sister. My grandmother practically raised my sister. She also said that my grandmother was angry with my father. For as long as I can remember, my dad and my grandma had all sorts of mother-son issues. They weren’t on speaking terms at the time of her death. He knew that she was on her death bed for days before he finally called to say goodbye. By that time, she was still alive but incoherent. She died within minutes after his phone call. My uncle said that he felt like she was “holding on” just to hear from my father before she passed on.

My sister asked if she saw anything about anyone else who had passed on… 

This was how the rest of the dialogue went according to my sister…

Psychic, “I see a young male sibling”

Sister, “My brother-in-law”

Psychic, “He died recently. Was it traumatic?” 

Sister, “Yes” 

Psychic, “Was it suicide?”

Sister, “Yes” 

Psychic, “There was alcohol. Pills. And a gun.”

…this is exactly the series of events that lead to my husband’s death…

my sister said (astounded), “Yes”

The psychic was wasn’t given any background information whatsoever. She didn’t even ask for my sister’s name. My sister said that she just nodded agreement the whole time.

She told my sister that my husband was having a difficult time moving on and that he felt a lot of guilt about what he did –as opposed to the opinion of the first psychic who told me not to worry about him and said that his spirit was pure light

… She gave my sister her business card to pass along to me.

When my sister told me what happened, I was shocked. Baffled. I ruminated about it for a couple if days before I made an appointment. This is the second time a spiritual medium had reached out to me about my husband since his death.

I couldn’t help but feel like my husband was reaching out to me. Why else would experiences like this keep happening? 

What does all of this mean? Does it mean anything or is this all random coincidence?

When I called she knew exactly who I was.

I’ll blog about my actual visit in my next post.


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