Leo and Scorpio will never work.

There is always a couple that is an exception to the rule, so maybe not never-ever. Generally speaking though, Leo and Scorpio in love will probably crash and burn. Badly.

I was once a sad lioness scouring the internet for hopeful advice on how to deal with my Scorpion. I was also discouraged and a bit angry when I kept reading website after website that predicted the demise of my relationship. 

As I tell my story, please be aware that when I say “Scorpios” or “Leos” throughout the post that I’m generalizing. I do not mean to imply that all people born under the same sign are all the same. I’m just relating my personal experience as a female Leo dating one Scorpio man.

Let me please also make it very clear that I did not take astrology seriously at all until I met this guy. I believe in truth and science–not mythical bullshit. 

We started texting before our actual first date. He was so charming. Creepy charming. I think the dude was obsessed with me (the attention was kind of a turn-on). First date in person was crazy magnetic chemistry. We kissed and touched each other for hours. 

I’ve always thought the concept of a soulmate was unrealistic, too idealistic, and naïve. I have to admit that I felt something like undescribable and undeniable. It couldn’t simply be dismissed as infatuation. No way. We both acknowledged that we might be destined to be together.

I also want to mention quickly that I was told by a psychic that my deceased husband had someone picked out for me and told me to watch for the signs. This was the first man I had gone out on a date with since my husband passed away. My Scorpio told me that he thought there were signs that we were supposed to be together. I never told him the story about the psychic.

Third date comes around and the guy is doting on me like a princess until I say one thing that offends him. I could almost hear my head hit the pavement as I seemed to immediately fall from grace. The look of disgust and disappointment on his face was obvious. I tired to apologize, but our date ended awkwardly. 

I called him the next day assuming that he would be over it (HA! I’ve learned to never assume this with a Scorpio). Let the mindgames begin. Hot/cold treatment for weeks before I finally see him again. I normally would never put up with this immature middle schoolish behavior, but we vibed. He felt it too. Why is he treating me like this?

When we finally got together the flame was instantly rekindled. We made love. I was on top of him,  but he took control. It was the perfect example of leo/Scorpio power play, in a good way. Heavy soul staring eye contact. I left my energy all over him. We napped for a long while with him was still inside of me. 

I pressed my lips sweetly to his forehead and did my best to bond with him psychically. I’ve never tried to connect spiritually within the act of sex before until I met my Scorpio. 

We were reunited and things would be amazing and beautiful now…

Next text conversation was cold and indifferent. I was the last one to text. I waited for his reply… and waited… and waited some more, until weeks had gone by. It destroyed me. This heartbreak felt like none other. I dated a string of other men hoping to replace what was missing because it affected me so deeply. This is the situation that inspired my phrase that I’ve blogged about often, the “soulvibe”.

I consulted the internet to get the Scorpio 411– because of course google is the source of all reliable relationship advice. Now you’re probably reading this and thinking —when a dude humps and dumps, it means you got played. I fully understand the rules of attraction. I’ve been around the block a few times. He’s Just Not That Into You; the book, I could have written it myself. Something was unique here though. I felt it. I know that he did too.

Almost three months went by before I got a random text from him at four o’clock in the morning. I made him wait because I didn’t want to appear to be too eager. I was kind if shocked, annoyed, and truthfully extatic.

He told me that he was in love with me after sniffing some pretty little lines of cocaine (he’s probably a coke addict by the way), just another quirk that makes him so Scorpio. I’m not saying that fact never struck me as a red flag; but what the hell, I was already in love with him. He justifed his disappearance away with excuses like “I’m an introvert… I was waiting for the right time.. you weren’t ready…” 

He declared himself my boyfriend offically. We both acknowleged a sense of “oneness” in each other’s presence. I’m sure I let out a huge sigh of relief at this point in the relationship timeline. 

We were reuinted and things are going to be beautiful and amazing!

I’ll paraphrase a lot of details here and maybe address them in another blog post, but we clashed in all other normal day to day relationship associations. Hard. There was a lot of confusion, anger, hurt feelings, and petty arguments. Our relationship as a committed couple only lasted three months. 

He broke up with me. Said he wanted to see other people. I mean we had our disagreements, but after all of our history together? He wanted to break up? At this point we had almost a whole year’s worth of drama wrapped up in our tumultuous little relationship.

I was crushed. 

I ignored him for 30 days post breakup. I pulled the old “no contact” rule on his ass. He has such a big ego. I swear he thought that he could just date other people and that I would just be waiting on stand by for status updates or something. 

At first, the purpose of ignoring him was to get him to chase me again. I committed to forcing myself to not make contact at all for a month. I needed to get off of the roller coaster for a minute and get my mind right. After a few excruciating weeks came and went, I could feel my spark reigniting. It felt good to be away from a relationship that made me unhappy.

It was Halloween weekend when I finally got in touch. I thought about never contacting him again, but I have too big of a heart to not at least end on friendly terms. He apologized for everything and said he wanted me back. Why am I such a sucker for this guy?

I come over to his house to “talk”. We took our talk to the bedroom and things got sexy, things were always crazy sexy, that was never our problem.

He told me that I was irreplaceable. He told me that everything was going to be different. 

We were reunited and things are going to be fucking amazing and beautiful!

Things were different for about a week. He started being the attentive, fuuny, and romantic charmer that I fell in love with in the first place. He tells me he needs help with his car. I pick him up at work and drop him off at the car repair shop. 

He’s pissed off and moody about the car situation. Scorpios are moody. Moody as hell. Cameron would have dramactically different shades of moods within a five minute time frame. One minute he would be infuriated and the next he would be playfully laughing. It was kind of intimidating to be around such contrasting energy.

It’s the day before his birthday (which happens to be 11.11 and mine is 8.8). I asked him what he wanted to do together for his birthday to celebrate. He told me that he wasnt in a good mood and didn’t want to be concerned with that right now. 

He mumbled something along the lines of “well I didn’t mean to just use you for my car…” and then he just kind of just trailed off… 

I dropped him off at work kind of confused and annoyed, but whatever.

I have not heard from him since. 

It’s been over a month. I haven’t tried to reach out at all, but considering everything he should have been the one to keep up the communication. 

What the hell. Is it over? Is this a test? Is this another disappearing act?

I am pretty sure I just want things to be over at this point. Astrology websites say that Leo/Scorpio relationships vasillate between love and hate. It’s also a dramatic relationship with a lot of ups and downs. Couples involved in this duo describe it as having an “addictive” quality. 

This may be goodbye forever kissy face.

You ruined my happy love story.

I hate you.

I miss you so much.

So, my dear scorpio, are you my soulmate? Are you my sex-soulmate? Are you my bad karma?  

Who knows.


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