Cameron has recently come back into my life via text message at 4am a few weeks ago. Sidenote–I’ve been in love with him and completely heartbroken over him for the past 6 months. I wasn’t really surprised that he got in touch, even after  2 1/2 months of no communication. It was only a matter of time before the twerp realized that he was in love with me too. 

I wanted to text him back right away. I wanted to find him wherever he was at such an ungodly hour of the morning and cover his face in kisses.

 I did the opposite. I made him sweat and waited 3 days before I texted him back. He got back to me immediately saying that he had missed me and wanted to see me.

So, I know that he had been dating someone else during his hiatus. Why? Because I stalked his Facebook frantically searching for answers wondering what the hell had happened to him. There were never any posts or pictures of them together, but he changed his profile picture the same day he made a new female friend. It was the only scenario that sense and I just knew. 

It. broke. my. fucking. heart.

He invites me over late, late… on a Thursday night. I’m freaking out with anticipation when I arrive at his house, but I keep my cool. I act aloof. He explains. Says he’s not just inviting me over for a booty call and that he had genuinely missed me. He didn’t mention her. He seemed sincere, so I didn’t mention it.

He lays out some pretty lines of cocaine for us both. He also has pure molly in a little baggie that we both sank a wet finger into and happily ingested. Side note– we both I enjoy the occasional recreational drug use–seriously it’s just recreational, promise.

He asks me if I want to get on the bed with him, so I climbed on the bed. He asks if he could kiss me. I say yes. He rolls on top of me and the minute his lips hit mine–sparks fly. His kisses are amazing. It’s not just that though. There’s a passion, an energy, a deep and almost ethereal chemistry.

 It’s a soul vibe. He inspired the term that I’ve made up and used since I met him. We stare into each other’s eyes like we stare into each other’s souls. decided to withold sex, at least for the time being. I want to make sure he’s in it with me. I to give him the illusion that forgiveness doesn’t come so easily. I also decided to not quiz him on his whereabouts during our separation. It just didn’t feel like the right time to talk  about it.

We did cuddle throughout the night holding hands. I felt my energy glow into is palm and it felt like there was no beginning to where my existence started and his ended. There was just an overall sense of oneness.


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