This post is about how attraction can be so confounding and elusive. It’s also exclusive to certain people and often for unexplainable or predictable reasons. You feel immediately curious, invested, and drawn to this person’s energy. I call it a “soulvibe”.

TREVOR> Mr. Perfect for me on paper. A man with a wandering soul and an adventurous spirit. Snowboards, climbs, travels, and owns a house in the ski resort foothills. My brother in law even made the comment while looking at his online profile that Trevor was “one of our people”. So many other little things in common, like our affinity for  ice cream and king crab.

I went into this date knowing that we would soulvibe.

I meet him at the coffee shop. He was strikingly good looking.

I disliked him immediately.

Why? From the beginning of the conversation I kept analyzing this fact. What’s more is that it was obvious that he couldn’t be less interested in me. It’s been a long time since I’ve been exposed to a mutual dislike dating situation. I didn’t know what to do or how to react.

Obviously mutual like is the goal, but even him not liking me and me liking him would be a far better scenario. I can be quite charismatic. I had no motivation to charm this man into liking me. You could hear the crickets chirping though the random moments of silence dotted throughout a forced and awkward conversation.

The awkwardness ended with

“nice to meet you”

and a seemingly mutual understanding that neither of us cared to have the “So, when can I see you again?” dialogue.

I couldn’t understand what went wrong. I knew that he wasn’t for me. He knew that I wasn’t for him.

I’m still crushed over the one man with the soulvibe that has no lifestyle goals or long term goals similar to my own. I’m still heart broken over the introvert that lived in the same small town for 30 years, has traveled to no where of interest,  and wants to settle down and have babies. Ugh, FML.


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