First and foremost: KISSING. It’s an art in my opinion. For me, it’s the most intimate expression of affection. I love kissing. I love kissing more than most people. I’ve kissed.. a lot. I kind of consider myself to be an expert. Everyone has their own style when it comes to kissing and liking the way a person kisses is a matter of personal preference, but I like the way I kiss. I expect people to adapt to my style because I know I’m that good.

You should never have to wipe your face after a make out session. That’s an indicator of some sloppy ass kissing. It’s important to switch off who is leading…be submissive to someone else’s lead for a minute, take turns. Otherwise it just ends up being a confusing mess where nobody knows where the other is going. Tongue and lip sucking are essential. There’s a proper way to use your tongue–I personally love a good gentle and reciprocative tongue sucking…

Creative kissing? No. 

NO swirling, sticking your tongue in and out of someone’s mouth like a lizard, no back and forth motions, no flicking, ew. James was a “creative kisser”.

JAMES>28 years old (score for being 6 years younger than me), full time student, very part time CNA, geology major. Attractive things about James= intelligent, academic, curious about things in general and is full of fun facts, has traveled the world (major attractiveness factor there). Unattractive things about James=physical chemistry lacking a bit, aggressive with the make out sessions, intelligent but semi-socially awkward…



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