My name is Jessica. Welcome to my blog!

I’m single. Actively dating. I have an interesting social life. I prefer it that way, but extaversion on this level comes at the cost of a healthy dose of drama. I started this blog because I feel the need to have a sanctuary, an anonymous place to vent, discuss ideas, seek advice, and send random messages out to the world… feel free to read, follow, comment…

I live in Salt Lake City and I’m a Utah native. I like living here because I get a good mix of city/outdoor lifestyle. I’m an avid snowboarder, hiker, and outoodor enthusiast. My “child” is a boston terrier named Pickles. I geek out over all things culinary. I’m a party girl and an intellectual. It’s an interesting combination. I live passionately. I plan on using travel is a means of rejuvenating life force. Life is short. It should be a fun adventure. It should be extraordinary.

I’m a widow and a suicide survivor.









One thought on “Hello.

  1. Well hello Jessica,welcome to the bloggersphere where you may express yourself however you like ,pleased to meet you,and looking forward to reading more of your interesting blogs

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